Mercedes Leon, Esq.

Mercedes Léon is a Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Small Business Defense attorney located in Kissimmee, Florida and servicing St Cloud, Orlando, Orange County, Osceola County, and the Central Florida area. Mrs. Léon has been practicing law since 1998, and opened The Léon Law Center in 2001, making her the first female Hispanic to open a law firm. She has also volunteered her efforts to aid the Hispanic community in the world of law, and dedicated her time and resources to having informational court documents and brochures translated into Spanish to make it easier for the growing Hispanic population to navigate the court system.

Mercedes was born in Cuba, and after her parents separated, her mother, brother, and herself moved to Central Florida in 1980. She was born with a genetic disorder that severely affected her feet and ability to walk, but she never let her disability stop her. The road to immigration was long and difficult, but once they made it she and her mother acquired minimum-wage jobs as hotel housekeepers. Mercedes Léon taught herself English in her spare time by reading children’s books–including her favorite, Bambi— and watching I Dream of Jeannie. When Mrs. Léon realized that her disability prevented her from working jobs where she was required to be on her feet, she decided to attend college and law school.

Mercedes received her undergraduate degree at the University of Tampa and then went on to attend Stetson College of Law. Her quality education and years of dedication to her practice have allowed her to create a space that welcomes and aids clients from any walk of life. Mrs. Léon’s primary focus of her practice is to provide personalized service to her clients. Now a grandmother, Mercedes puts a lot of emphasis on treating clients like family. She has an open-door policy and is available any day, any time to those who need her help. The team at The Léon Law Center is invested in each one of their cases on a personal level, not just professional. They understand that legal issues are emotionally straining, and they work hard to remove the weight from their clients’ shoulders.

Through years of hard work, multiple minimum-wage jobs, and undying support from her loved ones, Mercedes Léon conquered the impossible, and she did so with a disability. Her passion for law and familial love for each and every one of her clients separates her from other attorneys in the field. Her challenging life has done nothing short of preparing her for what it takes to be a successful attorney. She has her sights set on becoming a judge one day, which would be one of her easiest feats, surprisingly.